Gill Dealtry

I am an immunologist, with an interest in the physiological effects of cells and signalling molecules of the immune system on chronic diseases, such as diabetes.
My research group studies the action of medicinal plant extracts on the activity of macrophages (cells of the innate immune response) and inflammation in type 2 diabetes, using cell culture, molecular techniques and immunological techniques to examine gene expression.

Hajierah Davids

I am interested in cell biologist, focussing on the discovery of novel compounds in the treatment of breast cancer. My research group studies the action of novel anticancer compounds on breast cancer cell lines, as well as the toxicity in the rat model. This is included in the Nanoscience programme.

Dr Ajoniijebu

I have utilised utilized divers’ applications of automated behavioural and high throughput molecular techniques to investigate neurochemical and pathophysiological mechanisms of neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders in experimental murine models. My main interest lies in integrated systems biology approach to delineate the molecular pathogenesis of drug abuse and stress-induced defective socio-cognitive behaviour. Elucidating the functional consequences of dysregulated cortical and hippocampal functioning and associated epigenetic changes within the circuit-linked brain regions constitute his focus for shedding light on the cryptic conditions. Also, it is of interest to employ loss/gain of function approach to investigate neuro-immunological mechanisms associated with pathogen-induced cognitive impairments.

Mr Zono

I am a PhD candidate and hoping to complete my studies in a few years. My post-graduate studies were all focused on measuring cardiovascular and HIV parameters.